Antonella Rossi women shoes

Category: Advertising, Print

Antonella Rossi company was so pleased with our 2012 Spring/Summer catalogue design that they decided not to change the winning team. Once again Milos Nadazdin was responsible for photography, Bojana Barovic modeled and MaxNova added finishing touch.

Every catalog success depends on a combination of excellent photographs, design and content i.e. information on products (in that particular order). With fashion catalogs you need to add that "X factor" that will evoke feelings of style and elegance.

Bearing in mind that Antonella Rossi is relatively new brand, it is necessary to emphasize its key characteristics in terms of quality and availability, which could be summed up in the slogan: "Great for the price of the average."

The combination of pages showing the product close-ups and full-figure photos of the model provides a dynamics to the catalogue. Introduction of feature pages appeared like an adverts for specific shoes and boots model.

The urban population, for which this collection is designed for, will be recognized in a contrasting design. The monotony of city facades, during the fall and winter period, could be revived only by Antonella Rossi models.

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