Zeleni Srbije

Category: Branding, Print

The Greens of Serbia are political organization focused on sustainable development, protection and preservation of environment and natural resources.

They needed a logo design services for the solution that be equally adequate for the educational and informative purposes, as well as for campaigns in the political arena.

MaxNova Crative agency came up with a modern and attractively designed logo with vibrant colors that are a perfect fit for the client's aspirations.

The circular shape of the logo symbolizes the matter-movement process in nature, the importance of each individual element in that process and needs for harmony between man and the environment. At the same time, logo emits an impression of protection and sustainability.
Recognizable typographic solution in Serbian Cyrillic is supplemented with the addition of live and associative color.

MaxNova Creative agency has fully met the client request, and the new logo, as the corner stone of the Greens of Serbia visual identity, is being successfully used in all communications and applications.

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