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Donerra company is very dedicated to its job of fruit growing and their big plantation on the slopes of Fruska Gora mountain. It is our great pleasure to work for clients with so much passion and enthusiasm in everyday activities to achieve their vision. And that vision meant significant investments in natural resources and modern equipment, in order to create a successful international fruit brand.

MaxNova Creative agency was initially hired to set up a creative concept and basic visual identity, define brand name, logo and the visual standards book for brand Donerra, and now the time has come for the development of the appropriate Web site.

The process began by analyzing client's and business requirements and defining the objectives to be met by the new website. The presentation has to be more than just an overview of the plantation and fruits that are grown on it. It is necessary to permanently settle in the visitors' memory, as the best fruit site ever seen.

We decided that the fruit photos should be dominating. Big, juicy, healthy, flawless fruits will break out from the screen and each visitor will be teased and interested to become familiar with the Donerra company.

Page layout is simple and clean, with an emphasis on content that should be unique, informative and interesting. Responsive website design will ensure a quality user experience on all devices.

Client will be able to self-manage contents through custom CMS (content management system) application.

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